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Detector upgrades for the mardtb goniostat

marXperts proudly offers the full range of hybrid photon-counting laboratory detectors of DECTRIS, namely the EIGER2 R and PILATUS3 R series, as upgrade of a mar345dtb or marccddtb X-ray data collection system. Essentially, any existing mardtb goniostat can be equipped with DECTRIS detectors. And it is easy to do. Take advantage of the unmatched read-out speed and the incredible low noise of the DECTRIS detectors and benefit from shutterless data collections. Make your X-ray setup state-of-the-art again. And what, if you combine everything with a metaljet X-ray generator?


EIGER(2) R 4M pixel detector EIGER2 R 4M hybrid photon counting detector:
  • 155 x 162 mm active area
  • 2 x 4 modules
  • 75 µm pixelsize
  • continuous read-out
Pilatus3 S 2M PILATUS3 S 2M hybrid photon counting detector:
  • 254 x 289 mm active area
  • 3 x 8 modules
  • 172 µm pixelsize
  • 7 ms read-out time

The PILATUS3 2M detector is available only as high-speed S and X versions, not as laboratory "R" version. It does fit on the mardtb, though, and can be used either on a synchrotron beamline or a laboratory X-ray source. 

Pilatus3 R 1M PILATUS3 R 1M hybrid photon counting detector:
  • 169 x 180 mm active area
  • 2 x 5 modules
  • 172 µm pixelsize
  • 7 ms read-out time
Pilatus3 R 300K PILATUS3 R 300K-A hybrid photon counting detector:
  • 84 x 106 mm active area
  • 3 modules
  • 172  µm pixelsize
  • 7 ms read-out time
Pilatus3 R 200K PILATUS3 R 200K-A hybrid photon counting detector:
  • 84  x 70 mm active area
  • 2 modules
  • 172 um pixelsize
  • 7 ms read-out time
MetalJet D2+ 70kV X-ray Generator:
Excillum D2+ 70kV MetalJet microfocus X-ray generator operating at 250 Watts (70 kV, 3.5 mA) and with 2 usable ports, typically producing a  spot with a size of approx. 20 by 20 µm or smaller at the source. The generator does not require special water and electrical installations. Other models of the MetalJet generator are available, e.g. an entry level version using the same liquid metal technology but a simpler elecron focussing device and hence smaller X-ray flux.