marble - Experimental Table and Radiation Enclosure

  • marble - Experimental table and radiation enclosure


  • marble - Experimental table and radiation enclosure: side view


  • marble - Radiation enclosure: 3 doors on long side, 2 on short side


  • marble - Experimental table, steel with 25 mm grid holes (optional)


  • marble - Rack mounts (19'') for several controllers, variable height


  • marble - LED lamps inside radiation enclosure


  • marble - Override key and control lights for doors


  • marble - Experimental table (detail: light button and additional socket)


The marble is a versatile experimental table and radiation enclosure. The default configuration comes with a size of 1800 x 1000 x 750 mm (L x W x H) and a polished steel surface on a light honeycomb structure. Other configurations with steel plates and holes in grids are available. Essentially, it can be fully configured to fit your needs, in terms of size and materials. The table can accomodate the X-ray sources like the sealed-tube systems from Xenocs and Incoatec, but also rotating anode generators and the MetalJet source by Excillum. Dual port configurations are also available. The radiation enclosure comes with 8 doors in total, made out of fully translucent plexiglass or slightly opaque PVC. The PVC doors offer better protection against scattered radiation. However, the radiation enclosure is not designed to provide full X-ray shielding. Instead, all doors have magnetic contacts and the electronical system is designed so it gives an electrical signal to the X-ray source if any of the doors is open in order to immediately close the shutter and thus provide safety protection.


The marble  system consists of a table and an enclosure. They may be purchased as a whole package or just as single items. 


experimental table with frame and table top

Radiation enclosure radiation enclosure
Overide key override key for overriding safety interlock, LEDs for door indicator
LEDs in each corner of radiation enclosure powerful LED lamps inside


Experimental table
Dimensions 1800 mm x 1000 mm x 750 mm (l/w/h)
Weight approx. 80 kg (depending on table top material)
Work surface Polished steel sheet (magnetic) on honeycomb structure or 3mm steel plate with 25 x 25 mm grid with M6 threads
Upon demand Mounts for 19'' racks, drawers, holes in surface, etc.
Radiation enclosure
Input power 230 V or 110 V AC
Doors 3 each on long sides, 2 on short sides, 10 mm plexiglass or PVC
Safety interlock 5V TTL when all doors closed, override key available
Safety features LED indicator for each door


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