Edited on 07-Feb-2017

Program History

History records start with program version 5.5 (Feb 2012). This document keeps track of the most important bug fixes and program additions.

Version Date Description
6.7 05-Jan-2017 - Keyword SCALE added to configuration fileM
- Check for file $MARTABLEDIR/scale.### on startup
6.6 22-Dec-2016 - USE REFERENCE added
6.4 03-Aug-2016 - Output formats RAW16 and RAW32 added to data collection
6.2 11-Nov-2014 - Support for fast mar345s with 100micron modes
6.1 24-Sep-2014 - Initial support for fast mar345s
6.0 17-Jun-2014 - Full 64-bit compatibility for Linux and Mac OS X
5.5 20-Feb-2012 - Help changed to support mar345 html pages.
- Environment variable MARMESSAGEFILE added
- Keyword BROWSER added to configuration file